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Women in Sync is a collection of stories about the experiences of women and their organisations who have become a part of the APC WNSP network. It is designed to be a toolkit for women's electronic networking.

All the articles in Women in Sync were written from the perspective of women who pioneered in e-mail communications in the days before the internet boom. The articles also tell the stories of women who persevered in utilising computer networking that built connections among women across continents for women's empowerment.

Geting copies of the toolkit:
Order by credit card through our secure ledger system
Download for free as Adobe Acrobat pdf files, from the pages listed below.

The Toolkit comes in 3 parts. Follow the links below for more details and an option to download each one.
The first kit looks at feedback from the 40 women who worked on the APC
communications Project in Beijing during the 4th World Conference on Women in 1995.
The second kit examines the growth of the APCWNSP - from a small group of women, to a programme that has spawned global networking initiatives.
The third kit is a collection of women's networking experiences from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.