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Who we are, what we do and why

The GEM Practitioners Network is a network of individuals and organizations, who apply GEM and want to learn more about gender and ICT evaluations. The Network aims to enhance GEM expertise, and build partnerships in order to incorporate a gender perspective in evaluation of ICT initiatives, and to promote gender accountability in global, regional, national and local ICT policies and initiatives.


  • capacity-building of GEM practitioners, particularly:
    • their skills and knowledge to undertake, promote and share GEM expertise
    • their understanding of gender and ICT issues
  • catalyzing a process of resources, skills and experiences sharing in gender evaluation among the Network members and partners
  • enriching and refining the existing gender evaluation frameworks through further development and customization of GEM tool
  • GEM tool-building and customization via:
    • collecting and incorporating the feedback and lessons from practitioners in the field on usefulness, challenges and value of the methodology
    • adapting the GEM to various contexts (rural communities, telecentres, popular education, research etc.) and levels (local, community, organizational etc.), and for different application (as gender-sensitization, planning tool etc.)
    • translating GEM to other languages (Portuguese, Arabic, French etc.)
    • developing and refining the GEM modules, concepts, and gender-sensitive indicators
  • facilitating collection and documentation of lessons learned and best practices to enhance the meaningful use of ICTs for and by women worldwide
  • drawing out and disseminating trends and issues about the affects of ICTs on women's life and gender equality arising from GEM evaluations findings in order to provide new directions and recommendations for ICT policies, development interventions and initiatives
  • promoting of the Gender Evaluation Methodology as a tool for gender accountability in ICT initiatives and policies in countries and regions, where GEM has not yet been introduced/ among different audiences, particularly donors and development agencies, policy makers, women's groups, and social movement/at relevant national, regional and international forums and events
  • building and strengthening partnerships for incorporating gender perspective in to the evaluation and planning of ICT policies and initiatives
  • enhancing the GEM evaluation capacity and practitioners network in all regions, particularly Africa, Latin America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Middle East
  • providing training, consultations and other support for the new users of the GEM tool
  • generating research on the gender dimensions of ICT development

What will you find in the GEM Practitioners Network space?

The web space for GEM Practitioners and those interested in gender and ICT evaluations holds:

Evaluation process >

Reports of GEM evaluations from around the world, including their gender and ICT indicators, methodologies, and results.

Evaluation findings >

Analytical reports from GEM Team members, regional reports and comparative global findings.

Resources >

Bibliography for the making of the GEM Tool, links on gender, evaluation, ICTs, and methodologies; and other support materials for practitioners, including GEM presentations and graphics.